• Vanessa Coray, B.Ed, B.Comm

    Vanessa is registered with the British Columbia Teacher Regulation Branch of the Ministry of Education and the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation.

    It has always been my dream to start my own wellness business, fueled by my unwavering belief in holistic health, happiness, and living our best lives. However, my path hasn’t always been easy. During my teenage years, I experienced a trauma that left a lasting impact on me. Those years of trauma ignited a deep desire within me to help others in any way I can, to inspire and support them in being who they want to be and living the lives they want to live. Above all, I want people to know that they are important and loved. My greatest hope is that The VK Wellness Initiative, which I co-founded, will create the positive impact and change that individuals desire.

    Traveling, continuing education, and professional development have always been my passions. I’ve had the unique opportunity to study and work in various countries, including Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, China, and Malaysia. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute of Education at the University of Toronto. Currently, I am enrolled in the Masters of Education program in Educational Leadership at Yorkville University, continuously expanding my knowledge and expertise.

    When I’m not immersed in learning or teaching, you can find me enjoying time with my family and the outdoors. Nature is my soul’s nourishment. Whether I’m hiking to the tops of mountains on the Sunshine Coast trail, exploring the depths of the ocean through scuba diving, or simply basking in the serenity of nature, it brings me immense joy and rejuvenation.

    In addition to co-founding the VK Wellness Initiative, I am the Professional Development Coordinator for School District #47 in Powell River, BC. Balancing my career with my family life, I am proud to be a mom to two busy, adorable, and messy little boys. The love and support of my husband and family have been instrumental in allowing me to do what I do today.

    I am honored to be on this journey of learning, laughter, and healing alongside our clients during their wellness journey. It is my sincere desire to make a positive difference, to uplift and inspire them, and to remind them of their inherent importance and the limitless potential that resides within everyone.

    Contact Vanessa here: vanessa@vkwellness.ca