• VK ENGAGE: Integrated Workplace Wellness

    VK ENGAGE: Integrated Workplace Wellness

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    Welcome to VK ENGAGE, a leading integrated workplace wellness system designed to empower employers and enhance the wellbeing of their leadership and employees. Focusing on six pillars; Educate, Navigate, Guide, Assess, Grow, and Empower, our program offers comprehensive custom support tailored to meet the unique wellness needs of organizations, regardless of their size or nature of business. Grounded in extensive research, we understand that organizations that prioritize the wellbeing of their workforce not only foster a culture of engagement but also drive their mission towards desired outcomes. Furthermore, we are trained and certified in Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace and our programs align with the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace established by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (2013), showcasing our commitment to social responsibility. With VK ENGAGE, you can become a socially responsible employer and transform your workplace into an environment that promotes overall wellbeing for your valued workforce.

    Central to our ENGAGE program is the utilization of engagement as a core strategy to initiate and sustain momentum, facilitating lasting change across all components of our program.

    ENGAGE Assessment

    The VK Wellness ENGAGE Employee Wellness Assessment provides employers with a comprehensive understanding of the overall wellness experience of their employees. We believe that wellness encompasses various aspects of individuals’ lives and recognize the unique characteristics of each workplace.

    ENGAGE Employee and Family Assistance Program

    Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provide confidential and accessible support through a team of clinical specialists, including Registered Social Workers, Registered Clinical Counsellors and Certified Mediation Specialists. Our services cater to both adults and children, and our trained professionals are equipped to address family-specific challenges and offer direct support to children and youth. With a range of EFAP supports available, our program offers flexibility to meet your organization’s needs as identified in the Employee Wellness Assessment.

    ENGAGE Leadership

    We offer individual and group leadership development programs and trainings.

    Wellness in Leadership (WIL) 

    Employee Centered Capacity Building (ECCB)  

    ENGAGE Wellness at Work

    ENGAGE Conflict Resolution Basics

    ENGAGE Communication the Basics –

    ENGAGE Motivational Communication

    ENGAGE Psychological Safety

    We also work with you to create new training series and leadership programs that meet the needs of your team.

    ENGAGE Team & Culture

    Engagement at work will come to a halt in the workplace if the culture is not healthy. Unhealthy workplace cultures feature a core break in relationships between individuals and groups if employees. Our ENGAGE Team and Culture programs address workplace culture and conflict individually and with group education. Our professionals in this program are certified disputed resolution specialists.

    Individual Collaborative Dispute Resolution (CDR) (Mediation)

    Leadership Collaborative Dispute Resolution (CDR) Development

    Collaborative Workplace Solutions

    ENGAGE Team Building and Cohesion Workshops

    Education and practice are important for increasing the capacity to communicate, relate to others, and successfully work through conflict. Much of what is lacking in the workplace results in lacking the communication skills, or emotional regulation to effectively deal with conflict. We offer many brief education and training sessions to teach and practice these skills.

    – Communication Skills 101

    – Team Building and Cohesion

    – Creating a connected workplace for healthy team and culture

    – Labour relationship and conflict Management

    – Attachment and Conflict Styles

    – Custom workshops

    ENGAGE Resilience

    We provide a comprehensive selection of resiliency-based group programs tailored to suit your employees’ needs. This holds significant relevance across diverse industries, as stress emerges as a pivotal contributor to both subpar work performance and compromised health.

    Resiliency Initiative

    A transformative experiential group training program spanning 12 weeks. Through immersive hour-long weekly sessions, participants embark on a journey of heightened resiliency. This comprehensive program not only fosters immediate growth but also equips employees with the tools to sustain a resilient lifestyle long after the program concludes.

    Work-Life Balance :

    Centered on self-assessment and strategic planning, this program is dedicated to enhancing work-life equilibrium. Participants engage in targeted activities to evaluate their current status and formulate effective plans for achieving a more harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives.

    The Nutrition Learning Series

    This informative educational series offers a comprehensive exploration of diverse aspects concerning healthy eating. Spanning four weeks, each one-hour session delves into a range of topics, from cutting-edge insights into metabolic health to a comprehensive understanding of the microbiome’s role in nutrition.

    VK Wellness helps you implement these standards

    For more information, book a free consultation with Vanessa Coray, Director of Business Operations and Corporate Wellness Consultant  info@vkwellness.ca