• The VK Wellness Initiative

    We all deserve to be well. The VK Wellness Initiative is an individualized approach to achieving personal and collective wellness. We offer a core wellness consultation program in which clients complete wellness planning supported by a Register Clinical Counsellor. Achieving wellness, the VK way, involves collaborative exploration of your personal experience using a format that best suits your needs. You can access our 1-on-1 support programs or join our groups for more inspiration and added support.

    We also aim to make your experience as comfortable and accessible as possible. We do not want to see people unable to overcome their barriers to feeling better. We offer services on using a sliding scale pricing method and work with you to identify the best options for support given your current circumstances.

    New programming ideas and groups are co-created with you, so please take time to provide us with your feedback and ideas for future wellness initiatives.

    Wellness Model

    The VK wellness model is a system of integrated internal and external experiences that create a state of overall wellness. These 12 areas of wellness impact each other. Taking the time to consider wellness in each of these areas is the beginning of a positive shift for our clients. These areas include:

    Internal Wellness Experiences

    • Physical wellness: all aspects of your body’s health
      • How is your energy?
      • Do you have any significant health related issues?
      • How well does your immune system work?
      • Do you experience physical discomfort and pain?
    • Mental/behavioural wellness: all aspects of your mental health and the behaviours you engage in
      • Do you experience any psychological distress?
      • Do you engage in any behaviours you would like to change (bad habits)?
      • What sorts of beliefs and thoughts do you carry about yourself or others around you?
    • Emotional health: emotional health can be measured by how well you integrate your emotions into your experiences in a progressive way
      • Are you aware of the emotions you experience?
      • Are you able to regulate your emotions in a way that benefits you?
      • Do you use your emotions to inform your choices?
    • Spiritual health: our system of beliefs, values, morals, and faith that drives our ethical behaviour and brings meaning to our lives
      • How well do you understand your values and beliefs?
      • Do you feel like your life has purpose and meaning?
      • Does your behaviour align with your values?

    Internal Experiences

    • Cultural wellness: cultural wellness includes your personal relationship with your own culture and how accepting and integrating you are with the cultures you are surrounded by
      • How much do you know about your culture and its impact on your experiences?
      • Do you participate in the customs, rituals, and beliefs related to your culture?
      • Are you aware of the cultural diversity in your surrounding community?
      • How do you practice cultural humility?
      • Can you describe your culture?
    • Intellectual wellness: your participation in the learning of new things
      • Do you engage in skill building activities?
      • How do you actively learn and acquire new information?
      • Is learning something you value and plan for?

    External Wellness Experiences

    • Social wellness: the quality of the relationships in your life and how well they meet your individual social needs
      • Do you trust the people you are close to?
      • Are you satisfied with the amount of socializing you get from your social circle?
      • Do you experience conflict in your relationships more than you would like?
    • Environmental wellness: the level of respect you have for the environment you inhabit
      • Do you experience any guilt about your efforts to sustain our planet?
      • What kinds of things do you do to take care of the earth?
      • What do you know about our earth’s ecosystem and how you impact it?
    • Occupational wellness: the experience of finding balance between your career/job and the rest of your life
      • How would you describe you level of satisfaction with your job?
      • Are there things you would change about your current work/life balance if you could?
      • Do you feel like your work is meaningful to you?
    • Financial wellness: how well your current income and investments meet the needs of your family and lifestyle
      • How often do you stress about your income?
      • Do you get to enjoy the things in life that are meaningful to you?
      • Have you invested in your future and savings?
    • Leisure/ Wellness: your experience of wellness in activities outside of work and home responsibilities
      • What do you do that might continue as creative or playful?
      • How much time do you spend on your interests and hobbies?
      • Do you enjoy doing the activities you engage in outside of work?
    • Community wellness: the overall wellness of your surrounding community (physical or cultural) and how it impacts your health
      • How do you feel about the community that surrounds you?
      • In what ways does your community support your wellbeing?
      • How would you describe the community you live in or the community you are a part of?


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