• Wellness Planning

    Discover if wellness planning is right for you with a free in-person, or online wellness consultation

    Our FREE Brief Wellness Planning Consultation can help you discover the services or supports that you need. It is a 30 minute consultation with a Registered Health Professional that gives you the opportunity to explore your personal areas of wellness.


    Our Wellness Planning programs help you discover how you will reach your wellness goals. They are a little different than the typical non-clinical wellness coaching programs on the market today. Instead of asking you to invest in our product and our way of finding wellness, we help you discover what is your best path to your personal wellness. This could mean helping you reach that one personal health goal you have struggled to overcome for a long time, or support you in a wellness assessment process to better understand what your needs may be.

    Our Wellness Planning programs consist of a semi-structured process facilitated by Registered Social Workers. WHY SOCIAL WORKERS? Social Workers are highly trained assessment, planning, and resource specialists. They are professionals at connecting people with their best resources for success. Social workers know how to offer wellness on your terms. 

    The program is also designed to be cost efficient being completed with only 4.5 hours (plus a 30 minute FREE consult) of planning support with a Wellness Social Worker.

    The Wellness Planning process has 3 stages:

    Stage 1 Orientation

    This stage allows for an introduction to the program and the process. This is an important part of the process where you begin to consider your wellness plan. If you do not decide to continue with the program you will not be billed for this time.

    Stage 1 Assessment

    In stage one you complete an assessment of you current situation, define the change you would like to experience, identify your barriers, explore your strengths and resources, and discover 

    your motivations for change.

    Stage 2- Planning 

    In stage two you create a plan for change that reflects the assessment information. These plans can include a range of action steps including environmental changes, behaviour strategies, skills training, professional resources, accountability strategy, etc.

    Stage 3- Support (ongoing monthly sessions)

    For an added cost, we can support you along your journey with monthly follow up sessions with your wellness practitioner

    Programs and Pricing:

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    Follow-up appointments (same as hourly wellness planning)
    Than update the information to include the updated pricing and 1/2 orientation.

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