• VK Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Program

    This VK program offers families a way of creating positive wellness changes for their children or teens facing mental health and behavioural challenges. The program includes 4 different supports that build on each other leading to our unique behaviour therapy described below. Assessments can be accessed as a standalone service without the other program components.

    1. VK Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Assessment

    This assessment includes traditional behaviour assessment processes like observing the specific behaviour, identifying triggers, and understanding its purpose. It also includes taking an in-depth look at relational safety, development, stressors, and wellness strengths and needs. These categories inform the understanding of the meaning, or purpose behind the mental health or behavioural difficulty.

    2. Standardized Assessments

    We also provide standardized assessment services with a range of qualified professionals. Our program Case Managers can help you in deciding if this is an appropriate support for your family.

    A final report is created and shared with the family and/or youth in preparing for the behavioural wellness plan.

    3. Integrated VK Mental Health and Behavioural Family Wellness Plan

    A wellness plan is created with the family, and the child/teen if appropriate, that investigates the unique family wellness needs related to the mental health and behavioural experiences in the family. The plan includes this family experiences as well as information from the assessment This plan includes strategies for home, community resources, and recommendations for 1:1 VK Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Therapy.

    4. 1:1 Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Therapy: $75/hr

    Program participants have the option of having a VK Wellness Practitioner support behaviour change by working 1:1 with the child or youth. Specific activities will be chosen that encourage the development of new skills and behaviour. The amount of time spent together per week will be determined by the family and/or youth.

    If you would like to learn more about this program and how it might work for you and your child or teen please contact Kara Fogwell, RSW, RCC at 604-578-8135 or email her at kara@vkwellness.ca. She can provide an initial consultation and quote for your specific family needs.

    Child and Youth Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Program Outline

    Adult Mental Health and Behavioural Wellness Program outline