• Kyla Mazurak

    Kyla is a certified Meditation Teacher and a Mindfulness Art Facilitator. She has created a series of engaging and uplifting classes using guided meditation, art, nature-exploration, movement, breathwork, self-massage, stretching, and journalling. Kyla brings 18 years of experience in the wellness industry to the facilitation of her meditation and mindfulness workshops.

    I am excited to be a part of the VK Wellness Initiative and to offer my classes to our community. I am passionate about helping people connect to the stillness and wisdom that lies within themselves. I find joy in the collective energy of creating and sharing beauty and peace in many forms.

    As a massage specialist of 18 years, I helped people tap into their inner wisdom and reduce stress by teaching them to observe their mind/body connection. This was what I enjoyed most about massage therapy and I am thrilled to use that passion to help people find that same connection through mindfulness meditation and art classes.

    I have been deepening my meditation practice for years. I have always been drawn to studying the mind, the mysteries of life and other cultural beliefs. Currently, my focus is on building programs utilizing what I know about the mind-body connection and the continued training I’ve completed in mindfulness. I am certified as a meditation guide through Sura Flow Beginner Meditation Teacher Training. I have completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program through the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center. I am currently completing the Mindful Art and Meditation Teacher Training through Mindful Creative Muse which will provide accreditation for the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.

    I am open to many paths and enjoy discovering new insights and perspectives into what helps people heal and thrive. I have struggled with some health challenges throughout my life and while they have occasionally hindered my abilities, I believe they helped me gain a deeper sense of compassion and awareness. It is in difficult times that we sometimes learn the most, find the most meaning, and find our purpose.

    After completing a Diploma in Media Studies in 2001, I worked as an outdoor portrait and action photographer in my hometown of Whistler. Shortly after, I also moved into the wellness industry working as a massage specialist. After completing my Diploma in Remedial Massage (Australia) in 2008, I pursued my love of travel while working at some of the top 5-star spas in Australia, Canada, and the UK while travelling extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

    I have worked alongside and learned from some amazing professionals throughout my career including a chiropractor, physiotherapists, RMTs, and personal trainers. I have worked for professional athletes and celebrities. And I have worked for myself. But, I have learned the most from my clients.

    In 2021, I moved back to Canada with my husband, Ray, and Mexican chihuahua, Chicharron. I started my business, Sea to Peak, which incorporates meditation, aromatherapy products, and mindful jewellery.

    Spending time in the forests, on mountains and by water makes me come alive. I live for the little magic moments of life. I am so excited to be living in such a beautiful, friendly town and working with an incredibly knowledgeable team.

    I look forward to meeting you in my classes.