• Elena Martin, PhD, Mother & Nutritional Scientist

    Born and raised in Germany, Elena studied at the faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, and Environmental Management at the University of Giessen, Germany and finished her university career with a PhD in Applied and Environmental Microbiology in Berlin, Germany at the Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.

    As a mother and nutritional scientist, I believe that food is one of the most powerful individual climate actions we can take in our daily lives to increase human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

    After moving to beautiful British Columbia, I have worked in the field of environmental microbiology in Vancouver as an industrial hygiene specialist with an occupational health and safety consulting company as well as a microbiological scientist in a start-up company within the newly emerged Canadian Cannabis industry to set up a microbiological testing laboratory for the quality control of Cannabis.

    After leaving my scientific career in the microbiological world to stay at home with my son, I took the opportunity to study the food – climate – relationship and combine now all my knowledge and skills to mitigate climate change by engaging with local community members to support behavioral transition into a sustainable lifestyle to secure the future of the younger generations on this planet.

    Last year, I joined our local Climate Action Powell River society, with whom I recently started a project of a community education cookbook. Uniting the community in the battle against the climate change with collecting the favorite climate-friendly recipes of fellow community members and writing short educational articles to raise awareness about our daily food choices and their effect on our climate.

    The science behind the cookbook is the Planetary Health Diet which suggests an urgent need to drastically decrease our animal consumption to reduce our communities carbon food footprint.
    Its approach is to fill up our plate with plant foods while leaving room for individual choices to eat small amounts of meat, poultry, fish, seafood and dairy. This kind of diet is also known as Flexitarian Diet.

    I look forward to meeting many wonderful people to work together on decreasing carbon emissions in our atmosphere while increasing our health.
    ~Stay curious~