• Conch Konschuh

    My name is Christy Konschuh. I use the moniker “Conch” to help others pronounce my last name. It’s has been my familiar name since high school and it was also the name my father’s friends used for him. New to this neck of the woods, I feel seen when people call for Conch.

    I am guided by a Neuroaffirmative Approach when building connections with children, their family members, their community, and their place of learning.
    I believe in protecting children and families from harm which includes the harm of shaming and silencing.
    As a part of your child’s support team, I am a committed support person who you can rely on for contemporary information, connections and resources on best practices for families seeking support.
    I want children to feel safe and supported so that our connection results in reinforcing their strengths, self-advocacy and their own positive identity .
    I value inclusion, acceptance, adventure, playfulness and curiosity.
    I choose to lead with humility, compassion and integrity.

    My career has served marginalized populations on the frontlines in Canada.
    I have facilitated Youth Groups, Theatre Groups, StrongStart, and I coordinated Community Events. In addition to the daily application of Early Childhood Education practices, I embrace every opportunity to learn from, to celebrate and to hold a safe space for any behaviour and communication a child is willing to share with me during our time together.

    My services can often be funded through your Children and Youth with Support Needs (CYSN) agreement.

    I can be contacted at Conch@vkwellness.ca