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    To access services or for more information, all NEW clients are invited to book a 50 minute LINK by VK consultation or  a FREE 15 Minute Consultation. LINK by VK is our signature program that connects you with the ideal supports to embark on your journey towards wellness, ensuring that you receive the right treatment tailored to your unique experiences. Existing clients can continue booking online per their LINK by VK care plan. Read more about LINK by VK here.

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    The VK Wellness Initiative is a service to support all people in accessing what they need to achieve greater wellness. It is based on the values of accessibility and an individualized health planning model that puts the individual, not the professional, at the center of their health and life decisions. We offer supported wellness planning, education opportunities, and professional services like therapy, case management, and consultation by qualified professionals.

    If you are employed by the following organizations, please visit the site below for Employee Wellness Programs sponsored by your employer.

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