• Past/Upon Request

    These workshops are facilitated upon request and if you are interested you may inquire about the next time the workshop is running. These workshops can be facilitated for a group rate as well for corporations and organizations

    Mindfulness Exploration (for youth & parents)

    "The purpose of this group is to introduce the practice of mindfulness and to encourage the creative exploration of these concepts individually and collectively. Mindfulness can have a powerful impact on how people think, feel, act, relate, perform and collaborate at work. Participants will participate in weekly mindfulness practices during therapy and are encouraged to explore in a home practice. The principles of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) will be used to guide the practice, review supports used in the development of being present, and focus on what is happening moment to moment."


    Character Exploration and Team Building

    "Participants will take an individual scientifically-validated survey that identifies personal character values and strengths. Upon exploration of survey results, they will be able to harness the power of their most positive traits, improve their relationships, enhance their overall wellbeing, build resilience, and strengthen their ability to overcome problems. The team report combines the Character Strengths Profiles for multiple individuals into one comprehensive report of the team’s strengths. This report is perfect for anyone working with a group of individuals that would like to better understand and utilize the team’s unique configuration of character strengths and how to use strengths to create a more cohesive, satisfied and productive team. This report provides multiple perspectives so we can explore the strengths of the group, as well as the unique strengths that each person brings to the team."

    Only offered as a group package ideal for corperate wellness initiatives
    Length: 4 hours
    Cost: $1200 + $20pp for assessment


    Emotional Intelligence Program

    "Social skills and relationships are part of the larger theory of emotional intelligence (EQ). This workshop series on emotional intelligence will explore the numerous benefits of management EQ on the effectiveness of leadership. Participants will be introduced to the basic theories of emotional intelligence and participate in experiential exercises to aid in the understanding of personal EQ. They will learn the basic EQ theory, why management EQ matters, new ways to enhance management-employee relationship, emotional/behavioural management strategies, and much more!"

    Only offered as a group package - ideal for corporate wellness initiatives
    Length: 2 hours
    Cost: $600