• Packages

    This package is specifically designed to provide clinical treatment for any experience of prolonged activation of the sympathetic nervous system. For you this might be unregulated anxiety, anger management, chronic pain, or chronic stress. The treatment includes specific interventions to reteach the body and mind to relax into the parasympathetic nervous system.

    How do we do this? The package combines three of our services into one integrated and powerful treatment.

    The package includes:

    1. A massage specifically tailored to your relaxation needs
    2. A 1:1 guided mindfulness session that is created to support relaxation and regulation using a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy approach.
    3. Your choice of extra relaxation treatments including tea, herbal tincture, and aromatherapy. These are also created in-house by our Clinical Herbal Therapist to meet your specific needs.

    Recommendations are made for further treatments and at-home practices to deepen the relaxation response and encourage the further restoration of the body and mind from prolonged stress.

    Please contact Kara at 604-578-8135 or email info@vkwellness.ca to begin your healing journey with us.

    Cost: $340.00
    (Most of this treatment may be covered by your extended benefits package including the massage and mindfulness based therapy.)

    Counselling by Registered Social Worker

    • $95/hour

    Counseling by student Clinical Counsellor

    • $85/hour

    Funding available through First Nations Health authority (FNHA), Veterans Affairs, ICBC, Métis, Crime Victim's Association Program (CVAP), Autism Funding and more.