• Love Your Body Weight Management Program

    The Love Your Body program is a weight management program that helps you manage your body weight by way of education, reshaping unhealthy beliefs, cognitive patterns, behaviours, and relationships with food and the self. It is different than the average diet program because we focus on changing what is maintaining your problem with weight. This will change your behaviour over the long term, leading to more permanent healthy results. As well, the goal of this program is also to address your emotional distress related to body image and weight. We work on developing a new relationship between you and your body so that is a source of self-worth and self-love instead of constant stress.

    The program is group based and uses both in-person and video-conferencing to reduce the cost of the program. The group meets bi-weekly online with our holistic nutritionist. Once a month the meeting is supported by a clinical counsellor offers activities to change your relationship with your body and increase your overall belief in yourself. Personal gaols are set and revised every 3 months. In-person groups occur every three months. During this session a guest presenter comes to educate and/or facilitate an activity to help you on your weight management and body-love journey. As part of the program you also have daily email support that includes encouragement, education, meal ideas, activities for increasing body-love and so much more! You can also be referred to individual and other supports that may also support you along the journey for an added cost with The VK Wellness Initiative.

    Program Cost: $75.00 covers a three month membership
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    Contact us at info@vkwellness.ca for more information about this program

    ~May you be well~