• Kinesiology

    Kinesiologists are health professionals who particularly specialize

    in the study and understanding of the biomechanics of human movement. VK’s kinesiologists will use assessments to inform the creation of individualized exercise prescriptions that will support and guide a wide variety of clients in the pursuit of their health and fitness goals. Those clients may include those aiming to: rehabilitate an injury, reduce/manage chronic pain, improve performance in sport and life, promote longevity, prevent injury, manage or reduce the risk of chronic health conditions, and optimize overall physical and mental health. Whatever your goal, a VK kinesiologist can help you get there.

    What is a kinesiologist and what do they do?

    Kinesiologists can work closely with you to:

    • prevent and treat illness or injury through appropriate exercise testing and prescription;
    • improve your physical performance in sport, work and activities of daily living;
    • oversee the implementation of your individual health care plan; and
    • provide support in rehabilitation and wellness management.

    Kinesiologists specialize in prevention and management of injuries and chronic diseases – as well as helping to reach peak physical performance levels; One of the primary services a kinesiologist provides is an individually structured and tailored exercise program for active rehabilitation. This consists of the assessment of physical function followed by the implementation and progression of exercise to help enhance and promote the safe and dependable return to an individual’s regular life activities.

    Tips for first appointments with a kinesiologist

    Complete the online intake forms to provide your injury (or illness) diagnosis and information prior to the assessment appointment.

    Wear comfortable, gym clothing that you can stretch and move around in.

    Expect to go into a detailed health history and initial assessment that can include any number of range of movement and strength tests, functional mobility screenings, balance and postural analysis.

    Kinesiology Assessment + In-Body (60 min, $130)

    This initial session will begin with a health history discussion and a body composition analysis/interpretation using the In-Body 270 scale, followed by a movement analysis and functional assessment. The results of these assessments will inform the prescription of a home exercise protocol which will be introduced to the client and will include some combination of strengthening, stretching, mobilizations, and education, serving as a jump-off point for subsequent sessions and program progressions and modifications. ***Assessments available without In-Body Test upon request.

    Body Composition Assessment – In-Body 270 (15 min, $50)

    The In-Body 270 test is an advanced body composition test that leverages direct segmental multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis technology and produces state-of-the-art and in-depth results. Most notably, it produces results for skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, and lean body mass, providing total overall values as well as segmental values. This capability allows for the comparison of different body compartments against one another i.e. left arm vs. right arm, or upper body vs. lower body, with all values also shown relative to recommended target levels for each user’s specific profile. Follow-up tests are recommended at regular intervals to track progress and provide detailed objective and actionable data/feedback.

    Subsequent Kinesiology Session – (45 min, $100; 30 min $65)

    Follow-up session to re-assess client and make any recommended or requested modifications and/or progressions to client’s previously prepared exercise program. The 45 min appointment includes a follow-up In-Body test as a way of gauging the client’s progress, using the data to provide valuable feedback relative to the client’s goals.

    Appts and Prices:

    Kin Assessment + InBody Assessment – (60 mins, $130)
    Kin Subsequent Session – (45 mins, $100) – Includes follow-up In-Body Test
    Kin Subsequent Session – (30 mins, $65)
    In-Body Assessment – (15 mins, $50)