• Who doesn’t want to reduce appetite and hunger? How about eliminating cravings? What about increasing your metabolism AND fat loss?


    Proteins do so much for us including increasing the chances for weight loss…but how do you get enough. It’s so easy to have a high carb and fat diet, but really, how much chicken can you fit into one day?

    “Remember when you’re hungry, your body wants nutrients, not calories”

    Besides chicken…. how can you get MORE protein in your daily meals?


    Protein content in your foods…. including your vegetables!

    4 oz Chicken 25 grams

    4 oz Lean Beef (tenderloin/inside round/flank) 31 grams

    4 oz Turkey 34 grams

    4 oz Salmon 25 grams

    4 egg whites 15 grams

    1 Cup Non-Fat Organic Cottage Cheese 28 grams

    1 Cup Non-Fat Organic Yogurt 18 grams

    1 Cup Beans (Lentils/Black) 18 grams

    1 Cup Oats 26 grams

    1 Cup Quinoa 8 grams

    1 Cup Guava 4 grams

    1/2 Cup Pistachios 17 grams

    1/4 Cup Hemp 9 grams

    1/4 Cup Flax OR Chia Seeds 8 grams

    1/2 Cup Almonds 3 grams

    4 oz Tofu 20 grams

    4 Cups Spinach 5 grams

    2 Cups Brussel Sprouts 3 grams

    1 Cup Green Peas 8 grams

    1 Cup Edamame 17 grams

    1 Cup Broccoli 4 grams

    1 Cup Asparagus 3 grams

    1 scoop Genuine Health Protein Powder 25 grams

    Of course, meat and dairy are where it’s at for biggest bang for your buck. However, if you’re eating breakfast, you may want something other than a piece of steak! Above are many options to keep protein in every meal you eat to reduce cravings and crashes!

    REMINDER: not all proteins are created equally and many of the proteins above are jam packed with fats (nuts and seeds) and many are equally packed with carbs (beans and oats). So be careful on your portions when you are eating fruits and veggies, nuts, and seeds.

    Cherie Seidler

    Natural Nutritional Practitioner and Coach (NNCP)


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