• Group Therapy

    All groups are offered on a sliding scale when paying individually. Standard rates are shown, but if these are not financially feasible for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for us to facilitate one of our programs with a larger group, we would be happy to quote you a group rate. Kindly contact us for a quote.

    Eco-Hope Support Group

    Eco-distress is on the rise. Many individuals and groups are expereincing clinical mental health symptoms including anxiety and depression, related to their concern for the health of the planet. If you are someone experiencing this, we are here to help. Our clinical team will be offering support through this online group, as well as strategies and education to transform your distress into hope. We hope to offer this regularly to those who are interested. See below for our start date.

    Facilitator: Sheena Lee, RCC

    Date: February 1, 2023

    Time: 4:30-6:30PM PST

    Cost: $25 - Offered on a sliding scale


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

    Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based group therapy for preventing depressive relapse and treating mood disorders shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.  It is useful for people who are in recovery from depression or are experiencing mild to moderate depression symptoms and has been found useful for anxiety disorders.  MBCT is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program which is used in the treatment of chronic pain and chronic stress disorders, making MBCT a good fit for these challenges as well.  MBCT combines the use of mindful awareness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to change habitually unhealthy thinking and behaviour that maintain or lead to mood disorders. The change in thinking is done through the practice of redirecting and training the attention to focus on the present moment experiences. Research has demonstrated that MBCT is as effective as antidepressants in the prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence

    The group is an 8-week series of 2 hr sessions. There is a silent retreat that is also part of this program that we facilitate for those who wish to participate. If you are interest in this course, please contact: info@vkwellness.ca or 604-578-8135.

    To register please email info@vkwellness.ca or call 604-578-8135

    Facilitator: Kara Fogwell, RSW, RCC, MBCT Trained Facilitator
    Cost: $500 (extra if attending silent retreat)
    Dates: Saturday's April 15th - June 3
    Time: 10:00AM - 12:30PM


    Therapeutic Writing Groups (TWG) (Group Therapy)

    Coming soon

    Our therapeutic writing groups give group members a way to explore their current circumstances in a uniquely different way. Writing has long been a source of learning and self-exploration. There is no prior writing experience needed to attend the group just the willingness to get to know yourself deeper. We offer different writing groups focusing on different aspects of personal growth. The group is facilitated by a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is there to guide the therapeutic process. Please see below for our current offerings

    TWG- Therapeutic Journaling for Self-Discovery (4 Sessions, 1.5 hours long)
    Cost: $25 per session



    Other and Past Group Therapy

    The following groups can be offered upon request, dependent on participant registration numbers.


    MBCT is a clinical group therapy program that supports individuals with depression and anxiety. It is also helpful for those experiencing chronic stress, burnout, and chronic illness. Regular mindfulness practice can change these experiences by training the brain and the body to be in the present moment. MBCT includes cognitive behavoiural therapy strategies as well throughout the program. Each group is spent in mindfulness practices and reflecting on present moment experiences.

    Facilitator: Facilitator: Kara Fogwell, RSW, RCC, MBCT Facilitator
    When:September 27th
    Every Monday for 8 weeks - 2 hour sessions

    Times: TBA
    Where: TBA In Person
    Cost: $500 (offered on a sliding scale, may be covered by extended benefits or specialized funding)

    email info@vkwellness.ca or call 604-578-8135

    Difficult Conversations

    This therapy series provides participants with the opportunity to learn why some social situations, collaboration, or specific people may be difficult for you to manage (we all have these). When groups change the way they talk, they change the way they work together. Many of these difficulties stem from personal triggers or past situations and can be addressed by learning to manage stress and acquiring new skills for dealing with these difficult situations (uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategies for change)

    This therapy series will examine how we can all improve our communication

    • skills by paying attention to our conversations, and in turn help us enhance our work with employees, colleagues, and clients.
    • Participants will navigate social problem exploration (includes behaviour, emotions, thoughts, physiological experiences), identify desired outcomes when social problem arises, plan for specific strategies for change related to assessment of the problem, identify ways to keep self on track.

    Only offered as a group package ideal for corporate wellness initiatives

    Contact: info@vkwellness.ca or 604-578-8135
    Length: 4 session 1.5 hours
    Cost: $50