• Corporate Wellness Programs

    The VK Wellness Initiative offers organization-specific wellness programs and services tailored to meet the unique needs of your establishment. How do we do this? We begin with an exploration and assessment of your organization’s wellness needs and goals through leadership meetings and employee survey. The assessment considers the core values of the VK Wellness Model. Through an analytical process of assessment results, we provide recommendations for health and wellness services, resources, and programs specific to your corporate needs. Our customized programs are designed and facilitated by certified professionals, and can be used with our without our standard programming.

    Standard services and programming include:

    • Employee and family assistance programs (EFAP) help employees and their families. EFAP is a corporate-sponsored service designed to assist employees who are experiencing personal and job-related problems that affect work performance, general health, and well-being. An EFAP provides problem identification and assessment, individual supports, consultative advice and referral to appropriate agencies, and the promotion of wellness through various programs and activities. Employee participation is voluntary and corporations who choose this see an overall boost in employee morale and wellness.
    • Corporate Workshops on a variety of topics at your request. See our current and past groups and workshop here (with link to workshops page.
    • Wellness in Leadership program: Leading others presents a myriad of rewarding and challenging experiences by virtue of the expectations and responsibility we take on and place on others in the workplace. Additionally, workplace environments are rarely consistent. These factors combined often result in stress that has the potential to manifest into harmful physical and psychological consequences such as chronic stress, burnout, and conflict in the workplace and personal life.

    Wellness In Leadership (WIL) Program

    The VK Wellness In Leadership program places your well-being at the core of our practice. This customized program is designed specifically for you and your needs as a leader. Working with you, we will develop an individual action plan that will help you to better manage stress, integrate health and wellness into your workplace, and enhance your professional experiences.

    This program is facilitated by assessment and planning Registered Social Workers who will guide you through a structured process as follows:

    Phase One: Intake and Assessment (2 hours)
    Your VK Wellness practitioner will conduct an in-depth assessment with you to identify your current workplace challenges, your leadership strengths and assets, some barriers to creating a healthier workplace environment, motivating factors for change, and your change priorities.

    Phase Two: Planning (time varies)
    In phase two of the program, we will work together to create your personal action plan that you can feel confident to implement within your workplace environment based upon the priorities that are identified during the assessment phase. This action plan may include new professional development opportunities, skills training, customized resources and tools, as well as a roadmap to create meaningful change within your workplace environment.

    Phase Three: Follow-up and Check-Ins (time varies)
    In order to ensure that the change and transformation that you desire occurs, we will establish a regular frequency of 1-to-1 meetings to support your wellness priorities and the implementation of your personal action plan.