• Clinical Herbal Therapy

    Clinical Herbal Therapy (or Western Herbal Medicine) is the clinical practice of healing that draws from Europe and North America’s herbal traditions and modern medical science. It aims to discover and address the root cause of an illness or condition and provide relief for the current symptoms. A clinical herbalist will create herbal remedies best suited to your health challenge and may recommend diet, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle modifications. Remedies are most often in the form of teas or liquid extracts but may also include creams, salves, oils, or capsules.

    Mara Jones, VK’s Clinical Herbal Therapist, has over 15 years of clinical experience and specializes in supporting those with challenges with sleep, stress, and fatigue.

    What’s Involved in the Consultation Process?
    Initial Consultation (1 hour): Mara will go over your initial intake form in detail and get a firm picture of your current situation and your wellness goals. Together, you will create a customized wellness plan, including lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and botanical remedies, designed to help you achieve these health goals.
    Follow-up Consultations (30min-1hr): During these sessions, held every 1-4 weeks, you and Mara will evaluate your progress, set new goals, and address any challenges.
    Consultations are available in person, by phone, or by Zoom.

    Initial Consultation:
    Adult: $120
    Child (under 13 years): $95

    Follow-up Consultation
    30 minutes $50
    60 minutes $75