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    Healing ADHD Naturally


    Do you wish there was a way to take the guesswork out which food, supplements, and brain/body support are needed versus what's just a waste of time and money?

    There is!

    I use a specialized form bio-kinesiology/muscle testing to help determine what the body (and brain) need to be well. I have spent the last 36 years helping people who are sick, find the natural, holistic solutions to support healing and health.

    ADHD Coaching

    I have a special passion for working with children with ADHD or ADHD-like behaviour, because that used to be me! I was the child who was often in trouble in class and on the playground. I spent a lot of time after school in detention.

    Turns out I was also pretty sick. As a teen and young adult, I was barely dragging myself through each day. My mind had always felt like a hamster-on-a-wheel, and I suffered from anxiety and bouts of depression. I was desperate to get well. I discovered a Bio-kinesiologist who showed me what my body needed. It worked!

    Something else happened that I didn't expect. As I focused on healing my body with high level nutrition, supplementation, and destressing my nervous system, my brain healed too! The brain symptoms I'd experienced since childhood… disappeared!


    That's when I realized that for most of my life
    my brain and body had been running on nutritional empty!

    I was so thrilled that I became a Bio-Kinesionic™ Practitioner (aka Bio-Kinesiologist) in 1987. I've have taken a load of courses since then. I have worked with clients locally, in Courtenay, Campbell River, Vancouver, and Victoria.

    My most rewarding work has been with ADHD children who don't fit in well in school and struggle in a world that doesn't understand them. They respond beautifully to my holistic ADHD program.

    I encourage parents to take a proactive, high nutrient approach to their child's health. Regardless of diagnosis, give your child's brain and body what it needs and watch them shine!


    "Ernalee, I can never thank you enough for
    giving me my sweet little boy back."
    "I can't believe what changing my daughter's diet and the correct
    supplements have done for her and our family. Thank you!"
    I have been consulting with Ernalee for my health and the health of my children for over 25 years! I trust Ernalee's knowledge implicitly. I highly recommend her.


    Parents/caregivers who:

    • are raising a hard-to-handle child who's having difficulty at home and/or in school
    • are looking for natural options to deal with their child's disruptive, impulsive, unfocused behaviour
    • have a child on ADHD medication, but aren't seeing the results they are hoping for (my recommendations can support what you're already doing)
    • are ADHD themselves and are raising an ADHD child (this can feel doubly overwhelming).
    • who are feeling exhausted and burnt out caring for an ADHD child.



    ADHD Holistic Assessment

    Child/Teen: Primary Session - up to 1 hour - $110

    Adults: Primary Session - up to 1.5 hours - $130

    This session involves bio-kinesiology testing for the brain and body that identifies strengths and imbalances, nutrient levels and ADHD food and beverage triggers. This helps determine underlying causes of behaviour issues and identifies dietary changes, supplements and other support required.

    Bring your own supplements and foods/beverages for compatibility testing and leave with a clear action plan for yourself or your child.

    This includes two free check-in calls and free texting in one month.

    Follow-Up Sessions - are based on time needed and can range from 45 minutes to an hour - $90 - $110

    Family Session

    Often ADHD children have a parent who recognizes the same ADHD symptoms in themselves. I offer the following rates to help ADHD families get the support they need.

    Primary session - up to 2.5 hours - $220

    Stress Buster Session

    1 hour - $100
    45 mins - $85
    30 mins - $65

    Child (12 years and younger)
    1 hour - $80
    45 mins - $65
    30 mins - $45

    A Stress Buster Session identifies main emotional triggers and reduces their negative effect on the brain and body with a powerful, simple-to-use technique and nervous system support.

    Please note that a first time Stress Buster Session will be 1 hour.

    Bio-Kinesiology Spinal Re-Balancing

    This can be combined with both an ADHD Holistic Assessment or Stress Buster Session for free. This involves the use of gentle pressure combined with breath work to realign the energy of the spine. Relief from back pain can be immediate.

    Structural Tune Up: Up to 30 minutes

    Adults Child/Teen (12 years and younger): $40 $25

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